Nakhchivan State Carpet Museum

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The Nakhchivan State Carpet Museum was established in 1998 and was provided with a new
building in 2010. The official website of the museum, giving the opportunity of a virtual visit was
commissioned in 2013 in three languages. Samples of Nakhchivan carpet-weaving school dated
to different periods and decorated with elegant patterns are preserved in the foundation of the
museum. Mafras, palaz, chechim, kilim, sumakh, felt, bast mat, plotted and other types of carpets
exhibited at the exposition give the audience a full idea about the Nakhchivan carpet-weaving
In the museum's exposition, along with the carpets belonging to Nakhchivan carpet-weaving
school, weaving tool and means such as spinning-wheel, wool tomb, knitting knives, artistic
embroidery and fabric samples, decorative-applied art works and other cultural samples are