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From the beginning of the second half of the last century, world medicine has been known to have a great effect on treating cranes and salt mines in patients with bronchial asthma. After a long search, the doctors concluded that sodium and chlorine ions prevail in salt mines, which has a very positive effect on the treatment of spleen-throat bronchial disease. Spleotherapy is a Greek word "Spelaion" - cave, cave and "therapy". Treatments in salt mines are made in Italy, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Romania and others. in some countries. The first treatment in the cold weather was carried out in 1871 in patients with rheumatic polyarthritis in stalactif and stalagmites in the Monsumman residential area of the Tuscany province, near Florence, Italy 

Calcium ions prevail in the microclimate of the fertilizer. Microclimate is sodium and chlorine (Na + Cl +) ions, which dominate salt fertilizer. These mines have been operating in Krakow, Poland since 1968, in Solotvino settlement of Ujgorod in Ukraine since 1972 and in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan since 1979. The Nakhchivan Republican Physiotherapy Hospital operates at 1173 meters above sea level. The underground department of the hospital is located 12.2 km from the city of Nakhchivan. The underground division is located at the 2nd main mining shop in the salt mines, at 300 meters from the entrance, at the depth of 110 meters and in 9 well-drilled straws. From the City Center to Duzdag Physiotherapy Center - 9.8 km, while Hospital and Salt Mine - 2.4 km

The underground department's microclimate is as follows:

Height above sea level is 1173 m
Temperature - 18-20 C
Atmospheric pressure - 740 mm.c.st
Relative Humidity 24-50%
The air temperature is 0-0.1 m / s
High density Na +, CI + ions
17.5 mg / m3 when not sick
when ill - 12.5 mg / m3
Oxygen 20%
Noise 15-20 DB
Composition of Duzdag salt: NaCl - 98.4%; CaCI - 0.04% MqCl - 0.06%