Bahruz Kangarli Museum

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Bahruz Kangarli Museum was established by the order "About the establishment of Bahruz Kangarli Museum" of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated May 22, 2001.
The building of the Bahruz Kangarli Museum was built in 1897 at the intersection of Ataturk and Istiglal streets of the city of Nakhchivan. The exhibits reflecting the life and activities of Bahruz Kangarli, original works of artist, as well as photocopies of paintings are displayed in the museum. The copies of the official documents about the survival of Bahruz Kangarli's legacy, bust of the outstanding artist are among the exhibits of the museum. The paintings from the series "Refugees" by Bahruz Kangarli, reflecting the genocide committed by armenian dashnaks against the Azerbaijanis are exhibited in the museum.