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Nakhchivan is one of the ancient cultural centers of the Near East. People lived here 500-300 thousand years ago. Formation of Nakhchivan urban culture five thousand years ago is considered to be the most important indicator of development of civilization in this ancient land of Azerbaijan.
Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, established in 1924, is an autonomous state within the Republic of Azerbaijan. The autonomy status of Nakhchivan has been defined by international Moscow and Kars treaties. The territory of autonomous republic is 5500 square kilometers and its population is more than 450 thousand people. Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is composed of capital city Nakhchivan and seven administrative regions. İt has 5 cities, 8 settlements and 206 villages.
Nakhchivan is rich with samples of Turkish-Islamic culture of classical and medieval ages and historical monuments - ancient settlements, cities, magnificent castles, tombstones-the most beautiful examples of memorial architecture and unique nature monuments.
More than 1200 historical monuments of local, country and worldwide significance have been registered in the autonomous republic.